Monday, November 06, 2006

A small revelation

Jessica Cagle really inspires me when she talks about the Lord on her blog and so she has inspired me to do the same. This wont be very long but what I am about to say has impacted me a lot. To some of you this may be an old thought but to me its a million thoughts put into one phrase. I am a girl of deep convictions. I know that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life and I have served him as long as I can remember. Because I love him so much I always want to do things that please him and bring glory to his name. Of course I dont always do it right and fail many many times. The Lord has always spoken to me clearly about things he does not want me to do and I feel passionate about those standards that he has asked me to keep. Sometimes I wonder what the point is in it all and then the other night a man at Bible study said something that I will never forget.
He said, "If I married my wife Carol and then said to myself, I am going to keep my committement to Carol but try and figure out everything I can get away with while keeping my committment, what kind of a marriage is that."
It is such a simple picture but a million words in it. I dont want to serve the Lord half heartedly, Im tired of seeing friends and family "taken out" by the small compromises that they make in their christianity. The devil doesnt want to take our salvation. He just wants us to become so compromising that we make no impact on life around us. Im ready for the day when christians make things popular to the world, instead of the world making things popular to christians. I always go back to the verse, "all things are lawful for me but not all things are profitable". I think we waste more time figuring out things that are lawful for us to do instead of looking around our world and seeing that everything we think is lawful for us is distroying the people around us. What we do in moderation, those we should be an example to will do in excess.
I hope that example impact you as much as they did me.