Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cards anyone?

It wasso nice to see Jenn and Bill while we were home for Christmas. We miss them SO much. Words cannot explain. They came over one night and played cards until 2am. We got a little punchy and started taking werid pictures. It was so fun! We all look the night went on we looked worse and worse and more tired. They put Bella to bed in the living room and she did not want to sleep. At one point we heard her growling, which I guess is her telling Bill that she wants to play. We cracked up! she is such a doll.

And More....

More Christmas pictures

When we are with my family for Christmas we have three Christmases, one with my Moms family, one with my Dads family and one with our immeadiate family. So much fun! One tradition that we have is our Christmas "dinner" is mexican food. Namely nachos with taquitos and jalapeno' poppers. We LOVE it!!! I look forward to it every year. Its making me hungry just thinking about it. I think we have had that tradition for 26 years. Thats a long time.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


These are a few pictures from snowland. Ok, so the pictures I posted earlier werent really recent snow pictures, they were actually from Denvers last big snow in 1913. All these pictures were taken on different days but still say the same thing...lots of snow. It has snowed every weekend since before Christmas' huge 3ft snow. We are suppose to get snow this weekend too. The dog in the picture belongs to the people we work for. He is 4 months old I think, and an Alaskan Malimute. Hes cute in the pictures but good grief what a stubborn breed. We take him for walks a few times a day just to get out of the house and get fresh air. What fun! I am actually enjoying the snow. Our parking lot at the condo is shrinking, that is probably the most frustrating thing. But I think the snow is beautiful and it makes you slow down life :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

100 things about me

1. I'm 28 years old
2. I'm 5'9
3. I still like wearing heels because my husband is 6'5
4. I married a tall man so that for the rest of my life I could feel small
5. I was always taller than my friends so I felt like amazon woman
6. I'm naturally blond
7. I don't like that anyone can be a "blond" these days
8. I have blue eyes
9. My husband has the most beautiful blue eyes
10. I met my husband just like I had imagined I would
11. He was everything that I had asked God to give me
12. I didn't think God could do it
13. I have more faith now
14. I love football
15. I might love football more than my husband
16. I'm the angry one when my team loses, not Curt
17. I pray that the Seahawks will win a Superbowl before God comes back to take us home
18. I hope there is football in Heaven
19. I love the Lord
20. I don't know how people can live with out the Holy Spirit in their life
21. My relationship with the Lord is the most important thing in my life
22. The more I learn about Him the more I realize I don't know anything and I need him more
23. I cant wait to be a mom
24. I'm afraid that my kids will be ugly and dorky compared to my niece and nephews
25. My life changed forever when my sister had Julia Neree Farley
26. My life again changed forever when I realized that I loved my nephews as much as I love my niece
27. I love Starbucks
28. People who don't drink coffee have boring lives
29. Curt didn't drink coffee until he met me
30. Im very persuasive
31. I love to decorate
32. My favorite show is Designed to Sell
33. Someday I am going to buy a really old home and fix it up
34. My husband dreads the day
35. My 2nd favorite show is "What not to wear"
36. I don't like flying
37. Every time I fly I think I'm going to die
38. That tends to be a problem now that I live in Denver
39. I love to decorate
40. Everywhere I go my mind is always spinning with the possibilities of what something could be
41. I love to refinnish old furniture
42. The first piece I ever refinnished, I was 12 and my mother though I was crazy. She thought it should be in the burn pile. I proved her wrong.
43. I love the United States of America
44. I hate it when people go overseas and then come back to the US and bash on it
45. I think people who are not patriotic should move to France
46. I feel so blessed to live here
47. I want to be in politics someday
48. Not until I have raised my kids
49. I think there is no greater job that being a Mom full time
50. Somehow we have lost the value of motherhood and I think we are paying for it as a society
51. I have the greatest husband in the world
52. He makes me laugh so hard
53. He doesnt think Im funny
54. But Suzanne does and thats all that matters
55. He is so laid back and I love that about him
56. I also hate that about him
57. All of my Grandparents are still living
58. My 80 yr old Grandma Horlacher made my wedding dress
59. She also made my Moms wedding dress
60. I loved my wedding day
61. I had the best reception, although it was 100 degrees outside
62. It was my greatest joy to watch Julia walk down the isle as my flower girl
63. She stole the show and thats what I wanted
64. No one believes me but I am naturally shy
65. God has given me the greatest friends in the world
66. I dont know what Curt and I would have done without Jenn and Bill in the first year of our marriage
67. I have the best sisters and brother, sisters in law and brothers in law
68. There is no other people I would rather spend time with
69. Im not ok with plastic surgery, unless its truly to fix something that is broken
70. I hate the emphasis that our world puts on outer beauty
71. Its a rat race, no one will ever be beautiful enough and its a never ending battle
72. I love people that are totally comfortable with who they are and who God made them to be
73. I love mexican food
74. I love to eat
75. I dont love to exercise but I love how I feel after I exercise
76. I love Volkswagens, everyone in my family owns at least 1 volkswagen
77. I love Jesus and Im so thankful that he gave his life so I could have eternal life
78. I have the best parents in the world
79. I love listening to my Dad preach am so grateful for the Father and man of God that he is
80. I love that my parents actions speak louder than their words
81. I hope to be just like my Mom when I grow up
81. She is the greatest example of a Godly wife and Mother and Friend
82. I so thankful for the Godly heritage in both sides of my family that goes back at leat 8 generations
83. I love to travel
84. I spent 6 weeks in Europe with Angie when I was 20 years old
85. I want to take Curt to Venice, its so romantic
86. I play the piano
87. I love to sing
88. I love Seattle
89. I miss the NW
90. I like to shop, espescially for purses
91. Christmas is my favorite holiday
92. I care too much about what people think about me, Im learning to not care
93. I love Dr. Pepper
94. I love Starbucks peppermint mocha's
95. I think its hilarious when people who work at Starbucks dont understand what drink you ordered
96. You really only find that outside of Washington state, like Colorado and Texas
97. Black is the best color in the world
98. I love new adventures, for about a month, then I want to come home
99. Im so thankful for my life
100. I look forward to what the Lord has in store for Curt and I

Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow Snow Snow!!!

People have been bugging me to post some pictures of all the snow we are getting in Denver. I finally collapsed under the pressure and posted some. Enjoy!

My thoughts exactly

No need for words.....
(click on the pictures and they will get bigger)

This was taken one morning when I was dropping Curt off at the train to go to work.....he was late so he had to chase it.

Its hard to get in our front doors

Curt is constantly sledding with the neighborhood kids......Maybe when the snow is gone I can get him to take out the garbage again.

I dont know when we will get our car dug out but I am sure sick of using our horse and buggy for obvious reasons.....see below.

The traffic jams are crazy!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pictures of our Condo at Christmas

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I found some pictures! Curt had downloaded pictures while we were still in Spokane so I have some to put on our blog! The rest of them are stuck on our camera until we figure out what is going on with it :) Heres a Christmas miracle for you. The Wednesday before Christmas, Denver had the 4th biggest recorded snow in its history. 4000 people were stuck at the airport for 2 days because there was so much snow they had to shut down the airport. Friday at noon they finally opened the airport. A friend of Curts had given both of us buddy passes to cut the cost of flying home for Christmas. Well buddy pass people are not the first priority for any flight but espescially when there is 4000 people trying to get out of the airport for Christmas. Him getting to Spokane looked bleak to say the least. There was about a snowballs chance in you know where that he would get out of Denver before the 26th. So we fought a lot about how to get him out of there. I wanted him to camp out at the airport until he got a flight and he just wanted to listen to everyone at the airport that said he was not going to get out of there anytime soon. Anyways, to make a long story longer he went back to the airport on Saturday morning around 5:30 to try and get on the first flight out and if that didnt work he would stay all day and try to get on every flight possible. He decided to just take a carry on instead of trying to check luggage and that turned out to be the best idea. When he went to the counter at the gate and told the lady that he had a buddy pass and was wanting to try to get on the next flight to Seattle she laughed at him. She then said that she was sorry to laugh but the chances of him getting out before Christmas was like a....well you know. He said I know, I know all of the reason why it will never work but Im going to try. Well miracle of miracles, he got on that flight. He said he was high fiveing all of the people on the way into the plane. I guess there were a bunch of peole who were still stuck in the check in and serurity lines. My Dad came and woke me up to tell me that Curt got on a plane and I cant tell you how happy I was. I danced around the house. It was the best feeling in the world!!! So I had the best Christmas because there was a point when we didnt know if I would get to spend Christmas with my husband!