Sunday, December 30, 2007

Making Cookies

Julia loves to help in the kitchen. We had such a fun time making sugar cookies. She had a hard time looking at the camera when we were trying to take pictures. Jace loved to help too, although every time he was finished decorating a cookie he would say, "all done" and then go to pick up the cookie and eat it. I kept having to tell him that we were decorating cookies for other people too, not just for him to eat. He was our little naked chef. He was so cute!

The Kids

Christmas with my family

I couldn't bear the thought of not having Christmas with my family so we decided to have Christmas right after Thanksgiving. My Mom and Dad had just gotten back from Israel and they brought us all Nativity's made out of olive wood. What a cool gift! And its always fun watching the kids open gifts. The boys got Garbage trucks but when my Mom bought them she didn't realize that they made noise. That was quite enjoyable hearing two dump truck noises out of sync for the whole night.

Thanksgiving with my Family

This year Thanksgiving was with my family and what fun it was :) Isn't that picture of Curt holding Owen adorable? Curt's Sweater was scratchy so Owen out his arm in front of his face to sheild it. I love it!This is my Dads side of the family. We went to his brothers house for Thanksgiving day. My Dads parents are still alive but Grandpa Beal is almost 90 and doesn't like a lot going on around him so he opted to stay home. Grandma Beal came though and we are sure glad that she did. Aunt Teri's parents came also which was a nice treat. They own a restaurant and have had to work on Thanksgiving for the last 25 years. Wow! It was so nice to have Josslyn and Owen around this year. I love my nieces and nephews!