Thursday, January 31, 2008


Curt and I leave for Uganda, Africa on Monday for a 2 week missions trip. We are very excited! Curt is excited because he has wanted me to go since we started dating and I am excited to go because he wants me to go. We are going with our Bible Study group of about 20 people and will be staying in the capital city of Kampala.

We are going to be helping a new church plant while we are there. The church has been there for almost a year so we will be holding a crusade, painting the church,
going to schools in the area, etc.

We have two boys, Noah and Joshua, that we are supporting while they go to school and we are taking them a Seahawks hat and shirt and a Broncos hat and shirt as gifts. Noah gets Seahawks and Joshua gets Broncos. I wont be the one to break it to Joshua that he is a huge nerd if he wears the Broncos gear. Just kidding :)

We fly from Denver to Minnestoa, Minnesota to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Entebbe, Uganda. We will be going just under two weeks. So if you think about us, pray that we are safe, all goes well and lots of people are touched by the Lord.