Friday, February 16, 2007

A package coming in the mail...

Look what Jana is getting ready to mail me!!!! I'm so excited. Now all we need is for them to stay in the box for a few hours. These are my favorite pictures! I especially love the last one where Julia is getting out of the box and she is totally squishing Jace. The pain and annoyance is all over his face :) Here's a funny story. I was talking to Julia on the phone the other night and she was asking me where Uncle Curt was. I told her that he was at school (hes back in college :)). She said, "No hes not, school is for teenagers!" I'm sure she is a bit puzzled as to why old Uncle Curt is in school :)

Our Friends and Boss'

Curt and I both work for Joe and Kerri Smith, old friends of Curts. He has known them for 10 years or so. We are so blessed with our jobs! We work about a mile from our home, we work out of their home so its casaual, they are so giving and so nice to work with. And for the first time in my life I have health insurance. Isnt that wonderful. I am SO grateful for everything. These pictures are from Joes parents 53rd wedding anniversary. We were so honored to be invited to the celebration. Joe's Dad may be the funniest man ever. They got married after only knowing each other for a week! Can you believe it. Oh how different America would be if people would have that kind of commitment to their vows. How many marriages would last these days if they got married after a week of knowing each other? I think its awesome that they have been married 53 years! Its a great example for Curt and I.

So the pictures are of Joe and Kerr, Joes parents, Joe and Oliver and Curt and I. Dont you think Curt looks like an old fashioned thief? All dressed in black with a knitted cap on? Actually we hate to admit it but we have fallen on financial troubles and Curt is now a professional thief. Keep him in your prayers

Sunday, February 04, 2007

We survived........Football season :)

The season is over and our marriage is still intact :) The Colts beat the Bears!!!!! Hooray!!!! Its not that I hate the Bears, my inlaws love the Bears, but I love Peyton Manning and Coach Dungy. It was Peytons was the Colts time. And how awesome is it that the owner and the coach gave glory to God!!!! And when Coach Dungy was asked how great it was that he was the first black coach to win a Superbowl, he said that it was more wonderful that he and Lovey Smith were the first Christian coaches to be in the Superbowl and were able to show that following the Lord and doing things the right way works. Something like that anyways....its too late to be articulate.
To my wonderful husbands credit it was his idea to put the X on the sweatshirt because I didnt have any Colts gear. He is a great sport and I have a lot to learn from him.
We spent the day with our friends James and Karen and Joe and Kerri. For some reason I didnt get any pictures of Joe and Kerri. They had to leave at half time so I didnt have enough time to get er done. We had a great time. Superbowl, no matter who is playing is always fun. I am just so glad that the Patriots were not in the Superbowl this year, last year or any year in the future. That actually could ruin a Superbowl :) Anyways it was a wonderful way to end Football season. You can ask anyone who knows me and I have said since the beginning of this season that of course I want the Seahawks to be back in the Superbowl but it would make just as happy to see the Colts win it all! They deserved it, Tony Dungy is a class act and I am so pround that he gives all credit to the Lord! I love Peyton Manning too. Go Colts....... and Go Seahawks next year :)