Monday, April 28, 2008

South Beach Update

This is for Judifree :) I am no quite sure how much weight I have lost at this point. I dont have a scale at home and I usually go to the gym late at night to work out and weigh myself then. Well my weight that late at night, depending on what I have eaten for dinner, is always different. I need to buy a scale. But, good news is my pants are fitting a lot better and I can definately tell my body is smaller and more firm. Yay for me!
The one thing that was hard for me for the first 2 weeks of the diet was that I had a hard time running for long distances on mostly protien. It seriously at points felt like my legs were 50 lbs weights. Now I can have a little more carbs so running is a lot better.
I feel good! Its a fun challenge to find new recipes and fun things to eat. And it definately feels good to be disciplined :)
Does anyone have good tips or recipes that they have done while getting back into shape? Judi - I know that people want to know how you lost 40 lbs on the South Beach. How long did it take you? What are your secrets?
As soon as I can weigh myself at a normal time of the day I will let everyone know the progress.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Curt and I went and saw "Expelled - No Intellegence allowed", on Saturday night. It was such a good documentary!!! I urge everyone to go and take as many people with you as you can. It is a great move for kids 12 and up to go see too. Liberals are up in arms about this movie and I think we need to supoort Ben Stein in this.

Monday, April 07, 2008

South Beach

How to weigh yourself and get the most accurate result.
I cant believe that I have been doing it wrong all these years!!!!
We Must get the word out!!
So, I started the South Beach diet today. I must admit that this last year and a half has not been my trophy period of eating well and working out. I think the "big move" to Colorado got me out of sync with myself and away from everything and everyone that I love, which therefore made food a joy and comfort. Also, has anyone else noticed that when you get married you seem to start eating more for no apparent reason? It has been shocking to realize how much and how often men need to eat. For example, lets say that I am not hungry, or forget to eat lunch until about 2pm in the afternoon. At 6pm we are meeting a bunch of friends for dinner at PF Chang's so I know that I don't want to eat a full lunch at 2 pm because I wont be hungry at 6 pm to eat a fabulous dinner. Therefore, I will just eat something small or veggies or something like that. If the same thing happened to Curt, he would eat a full meal at 2pm and a full meal at 6pm.
Friday night we were planning on going to a really great restaurant for dinner. Curt wanted to go home first and chill for a while before we spent the night out at dinner and a movie. Well, by the time we left the house and got the restaurant, there was an hour wait to get a table. Of course I would have been just fine waiting, but Curt got a panicked look in his eyes and said quite decidedly that he could not wait that long to eat. So driving between that restaurant and another restaurant that could seat us faster, he about died from hunger. Why you ask? Because men just need to eat. They cant just make a mental decision that they will wait a little longer or they will have a nervous breakdown and get really, really grumpy. Am I right? Or is that just my husband? So I say all of that to say, when you are first married, you tend to take on the eating habits of your husband, even though you don't need to. At least I did....
I have heard that once you hit 30, losing weight is a whole new challenge. Well, I turn 30 on May 1st so I decided it was time to get on the ball before everything goes south. Scary isn't it....turning 30. Wow.....I don't think I am ready.

Here are my thoughts on the opposite side of dieting....whether you think I need to lose weight or you think I am crazy for talking about it. I am extremely passionate about this subject because I feel that our country, and even christian women have turned our bodies into idols. I am all about being healthy and exercising but our culture is obsessed with looking good! For some reason we think that the value of the person lie in how they look.
I hate, hate, hate that the devil robs us of so much joy in life because our happiness depends on whether we are 10 pounds over weight or not.
Life is so not about looking good. I think its one of the main things that the devil, or ourselves, use to distract us from what really matters in life. We obsess about 5 pounds, or the jeans or bathing suit that we want to fit into and don't fill ourselves with the things that will last for eternity.
I just recently had a really long conversation with my good friend about this subject and I know that every woman out there struggles with this stuff to a point. So, work out and eat healthy if you want. I know that working out just makes me a happier wife and friend. And if you love yourself just the way you are, hallelujah! But make sure that you are working on that which lasts for eternity more than that which will fade away in the next 50 years :) And be sure to encourage all the other women you know to do the same thing.
God made us PERFECT!!!! Ephesians 6:12 - For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.