Monday, April 07, 2008

South Beach

How to weigh yourself and get the most accurate result.
I cant believe that I have been doing it wrong all these years!!!!
We Must get the word out!!
So, I started the South Beach diet today. I must admit that this last year and a half has not been my trophy period of eating well and working out. I think the "big move" to Colorado got me out of sync with myself and away from everything and everyone that I love, which therefore made food a joy and comfort. Also, has anyone else noticed that when you get married you seem to start eating more for no apparent reason? It has been shocking to realize how much and how often men need to eat. For example, lets say that I am not hungry, or forget to eat lunch until about 2pm in the afternoon. At 6pm we are meeting a bunch of friends for dinner at PF Chang's so I know that I don't want to eat a full lunch at 2 pm because I wont be hungry at 6 pm to eat a fabulous dinner. Therefore, I will just eat something small or veggies or something like that. If the same thing happened to Curt, he would eat a full meal at 2pm and a full meal at 6pm.
Friday night we were planning on going to a really great restaurant for dinner. Curt wanted to go home first and chill for a while before we spent the night out at dinner and a movie. Well, by the time we left the house and got the restaurant, there was an hour wait to get a table. Of course I would have been just fine waiting, but Curt got a panicked look in his eyes and said quite decidedly that he could not wait that long to eat. So driving between that restaurant and another restaurant that could seat us faster, he about died from hunger. Why you ask? Because men just need to eat. They cant just make a mental decision that they will wait a little longer or they will have a nervous breakdown and get really, really grumpy. Am I right? Or is that just my husband? So I say all of that to say, when you are first married, you tend to take on the eating habits of your husband, even though you don't need to. At least I did....
I have heard that once you hit 30, losing weight is a whole new challenge. Well, I turn 30 on May 1st so I decided it was time to get on the ball before everything goes south. Scary isn't it....turning 30. Wow.....I don't think I am ready.

Here are my thoughts on the opposite side of dieting....whether you think I need to lose weight or you think I am crazy for talking about it. I am extremely passionate about this subject because I feel that our country, and even christian women have turned our bodies into idols. I am all about being healthy and exercising but our culture is obsessed with looking good! For some reason we think that the value of the person lie in how they look.
I hate, hate, hate that the devil robs us of so much joy in life because our happiness depends on whether we are 10 pounds over weight or not.
Life is so not about looking good. I think its one of the main things that the devil, or ourselves, use to distract us from what really matters in life. We obsess about 5 pounds, or the jeans or bathing suit that we want to fit into and don't fill ourselves with the things that will last for eternity.
I just recently had a really long conversation with my good friend about this subject and I know that every woman out there struggles with this stuff to a point. So, work out and eat healthy if you want. I know that working out just makes me a happier wife and friend. And if you love yourself just the way you are, hallelujah! But make sure that you are working on that which lasts for eternity more than that which will fade away in the next 50 years :) And be sure to encourage all the other women you know to do the same thing.
God made us PERFECT!!!! Ephesians 6:12 - For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


Teresa said...

i've definitely had this struggle with all the baby weight i'm having a hard time (not really trying) to lose. -sigh said...

Great post! I actually lost over 40 lbs last year on South Beach. It's totally doable! I have been really relaxed on my eating and exercising. I am excited to get in shape to get hugely preggo some day! said...

Oh yeah...and Mark is the one who forgets to eat...I'm the one who HAS to eat as soon as I'm hungry or I'll be grumpy and mean - I am what you might call a "mean hungry". so sad.

Karen said...

That was a great post, Kelli - well thought out.

I agree, and while I do want to continue to get healthier to be here for my (great?) grandkids, I think that the obsession with uber-thinness is fanatical and idolatrous.

I like your balance.


Sweet Pea Potts said...

I agree with you Kel. While it is important to stay healthy and respectful not to "let ourselves go" for our husbands, we are becoming so obsessed with it that little 4 and 5 year old girls are wanting to diet and wear make up. I think that is so sad. Having a daughter has made me so much more aware of how important it is to teach our children that beauty really lies within because outer beauty is fleeting. And yes, husbands do get SO cranky when they don't eat. If Thomas gets minutely hungry he turns into a bear and gets really growly and fractious! Oh, and I love your new did you do that? I'm afraid if I tried to change anything on my blog I would end up deleting the whole thing :)

The Stockwells said...

Teresa - You will do it :) First babies I am sure are the most difficult. I have heard that you should give yourself 9 months to take off the weight that it took you 9 months to put on.

Judi - I want to get in shape for when we get pregnant too! That is so funny that you are the "mean hungry". I wish I could forget to eat :) I'd be a lot further along by now. LOL!

Karen - thanks for commenting! Its like the never ending thing in life to learn balance :) But I am always asking the Lord to give me balance that lines up with his word :)

Lis - I totally agree with you!! These poor girls who have body issuse at such a young age is sickening! Whats worse to me is its usually their Mothers who ar leading the charge, whether they are conciously doing it or not. There is nothing worse to me than a mother who is so consumed with herself that it affects her kids self image. I know its such a huge responsibility to be a Mother and everything you do or teach your kids shapes their little minds, and I know I wont be even a little perfect, but I am determined.

I can totally see Thomas being like Curt when he is hungry :) Husbands are fun!

I got my background from Pyzam - there is an orange bar at the top of my blog. Click on it and it will take you to a million different blog backgrounds. Its really easy - they take you step by step through the process. I didnt lose anything except all my friend contacts, which I had to retype but I dont think you have your friends listed so that wont be an issue.

Kim & Jason said...

Fabulous blog Kelli! It's fun to read your thoughts, and yet also very encouraging. I've been wrestling with the whole image thing myself. I want to be health-conscience, and not self-conscience. I would love to be "comfortable in my skin" and truly realize that in 20 years I'm going to wish I had the body I have now :-) Good luck on the South Beach Diet!! I hope to lose a few more pounds just by being a bit more self-disciplined around the ice cream and desserts! Ha! Keep on blogging girl - its good hear from you!

Oh and one more thing - I turn 30 the day before you do!! Crazy! And 30's creepin me out a little I that old already?

The Stockwells said...

Kim - I always think of you on your birthday, because its the day before mine and I think to myself, my birthday is tomorrow, Oh Kim's is today :)
I agree with you - I dont feel like I am old enough to be 30 :) It is a little creepy. My little sister told me that 30 was the new 20....I guess I will hold fast to that.
I like your quote - health- conscience, not self-conscience. That is perfect! I bet if every woman added up the time that they think about being overweight, or their need to lose weight it would be years of time :)

I love reading your blog as well! Its really fun to keep in touch this way.

Cagle Clan said...

Great post! You are just a gem of a gal, truly precious! Good luck on The South Beach! I love your's important to take care of ourselves for our health and the sake of our husbands :)...afterall if they are not supposed to forsake the wife of their youth, maybe we should still resemble her a little...hahaha :).
But, it is so important to know where true beauty lies and where are true worth comes from!
Good job. :)

CunninghamRules!! said...

Kelli, what a great post, and so true! I am always blessed when people are so vulnerable and honest. Your perspective is great, and accurate I might add. I turned 30 a year ago (my 31st bd was last weekend) and I basically gained 10 pounds even though I didn't do anything different, I lift weights consistently and I run 30+ miles a week and even ran the Portland Marathon last year, and the Seattle half marathon. I have desperately tried to lose the 10 pounds, but I just love to eat and don't have enough discipline... I have lost about 4 of those pesky pounds, but it has been soooo hard! I am feeling like those other 6 might just become a permanent fixture:-) hehehe Good luck with the south beach, you are amazing!! I would love to hear how lost 40lbs on the south beach... that is so great! Stories like that are really motivating. said...

Kelli - can you give us an update on your south beach adventures?