Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friends and random pictures

My friend Jill and I went shopping together for clothes to take on the trip and knowingly bought the same exact shirt but then ended up wearing it on the same day by accident. We obviously could have changed before we left the house but we really didn't care :) There is also a picture of Jill and her husband Matt in the mix and they are one of our favorite friends here in Colorado :)
In another picture, there is a group of us praying for two ladies. These ladies were walking by the church, saw us all in their praying and came in and asked if they could receive Jesus as their Savior. Can you believe it! I was so awesome!
There is a picture of 3 African girls, Barbara, Gloria and Julie, who were our favorite girls of the bunch. They just really bonded with the girls on our team and will always have a place in our hearts!
The two pictures, before the last picture are of the group eating at a food court in the mall in Uganda. I think I had Chinese food and Curt had Greek food. There was about 6 different restaurants that you could choose from and it was all great food.

The very last picture is of Dean, (who is on the far left) he is the reason that Curt and I met, and he led our team, Pastor Robert; who is the pastor of the church we help plant in Wakiso and then Bill from China who is a great evangelist that came to minister with us.

The End :)


Steve and Alie said...

It looks like you had such an amazing time! I love seeing all your pictures and hearing your stories. It gets me so excited for Malawi!!! Where did you get all your long skirts? Did you just have them or did you go buy some for the trip?

The Stockwells said...

Hi Alie,
You are going to love Africa! I love how it worked out that you are going the same time as your parents. God is so good!
I had a few skirts already but I also got a few at the Goodwill. Im sure that sounds tacky, I just wasnt about to spend a small fortune on clothes that I would probably never wear again.
One of my friends that went bought material at JoAnn Fabric and had her mother inlaw sew some skirts for her. Actually, a lot of people I know who have gone to Africa have done that.
Im excited for you and Steve! Bless you guys as you go!

CunninghamRules!! said...

What great pics on all your new posts, I love it!

Teresa said...

hey! i'm glad i found your blog. i will enjoy reading it and keeping up with the stockwells!!

Sweet Pea Potts said...

What an amazing trip Kel! I love looking at the pictures!!! I bet you can't wait to go again! said...

THE STOCKWELLS! I didn't know you have a blog. I love it. Great pictures. said...

THE STOCKWELLS! I didn't know you have a blog. I love it. Great pictures.

Mark Thomas said...

Woah, woah, woah...You have a blog and I am not on the blogroll? You are on mine!