Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ugandan Food

Here are pictures of the Ugandan food they served us for lunch. Actually, the first picture is of a fish that we got at a restaurant on our way to the airport, leaving Uganda. The fish is called Talapia and they give you the whole fish and you just pick the meat off it. Some people actually ate the eye but I wasn't that nuts. What some people will do to get attention :) Next to the lovely fish in the green bottle was my favorite drink called, "Bitter Lemon". I had this drink a lot when I traveled Europe and I think the best in the world is in Germany, but Ugandan bitter lemon is pretty good too :)

So the food on the tables in no specific order - The stuff that looks like flour tortillas is called "chapatti". Its a thin deep fried bread that is to die for. I think I ate that whole plate. Then there is a picture of a pumpkin. They peeled the pumpkin, gutted it, filled it with veggies , wrapped it in banana leaves and cooked it over an open fire. It was pretty good and any kind of fresh veggies that you got you would eat because they don't have a ton of them.
The brown, poop looking food was peanut sauce. That was really good. They usually put it on rice to eat it. I love Thai peanut sauce, but Curt does not like it, but he likes Ugandan peanut sauce. Thai peanut sauce is sweeter than Ugandan, just to give you an idea.
In two of the pictures, there is a plate of yellow mash looking stuff that is called "matokie". Matokie comes from the banana family, it looks like a little banana when they are still green. and they grow in clusters like the banana. Matokie is a staple in Uganda; it doesn't really have a flavor, has the consistency of spaghetti squash and mashed potatoes mixed together. They pour a really good meat broth over it and eat it that way. I liked it but Curt hates matokie :)
The purple and white looking food is their version of a yam. Looks nothing like our yams, has a chalky consistency and not much taste. They always had fruit, bananas, pineapple or mango. Their fresh fruit was the best.


yummy said...

i think that the food looks pretty good and i think i would like to try it some day.