Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Hill

So the driving in Uganda is indescribable. Chaotic to the point that you think..., "how are we even getting anywhere" or, "how are we even still alive?". Thank the Lord that we had the BEST driver in the universe taking us around everyday. But not only was the driving from one side of the city to the next everyday bad enough, before we got to the house we had to encounter the "Hill". I swear to you this thing was straight up. And Cabugo (probably not how you spell it but it is phonetically correct) was a master at getting the 30 passenger bus up it everyday. I kid you not, there were houses on one side of the hill and a cliff on the other. I swear to you I got saved again every time we drove up it. One time it had rained so much and it was to slippery and muddy to make it up the hill so he had to stop in the middle, let us all out and we walked the rest of the way. The pictures of the hill are us walking down the hill the next morning to get to the bus that they had to park at the college. And yes, that is a road in Uganda.