Saturday, March 22, 2008


The kids in Uganda were so sweet. When you would walk by them they would just stare at you or they would wave and yell, "Hi Muzungu, Hi muzungu",which basically means "white man". Many times kids would run up to me touch my arm and run away. I think they just needed to see for themselves that I was real. The little girl in yellow in the first picture was my favorite! She was so sweet and always playing in the crusade area. There is a picture of Curt holding a little baby in a dinosaur costume. That was just an everyday outfit for that must have been so hot in there!!!
You would see so many little kids carrying little babies on their backs. It was so strange to see. And I dont even remember seeing parents for these kids. I cant imagine intrusting my little 8 year old or 6 year old with my 5 month old. But kids everywhere were doing it.


Chris and Laura said...

They are so precious! How did you resist not bringing them home with you? Love all the pictures and sounds like this was an amazing trip.

Sweet Pea Potts said...

I agree with Laura...I bet you wanted to take them all home, didn't you? I bet they just loved you and Curt!