Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random Pictures

These are random pictures of Ugandan life. The 3rd picture down is a huge billboard that says, "Say no to Sugar Daddies." It had a picture of a council man, a student, a sugar daddy and a community member. I guess Uganda has a huge problem with young girls, basically selling themselves to rich men for college fees. The rich men will take care of them during college in exchange for other fees. So much so that they need billboards to promote saying no. We drove by it everyday and it cracked us up every time we saw it.
Every morning we drove straight through the city on our way to Wakiso and every morning we would see huge groups of men standing around. We still dont know what they were doing....maybe it was their job to stand around? I dont know :)

They had a few supermarkets there but they were mostly used by foreigners. The natives used small markets that were every where. You could basically set up a stand in your front yard and sell products. Then of course they had large open markets where people brought their products to sell. All the meat was out in the open. Its not cut as nicely as our meat here :) They just start hacking away at the meat and leave bone and fat on it. So when you eat it, you have to eat around a leg bone, not like ribs here :) It was quite interesting.