Thursday, December 07, 2006

Go Seahawks!!!!

Curt and I had such a fun time at the game!! We kept going back and forth on whether we should go or not because of the potential strain that it could put on our marriage :) That is sort of a joke but actually not really. The very first day that I met Curt he found a way to bash on the Seahawks; I remember it like it was yesterday. We were standing out in the middle of Pastor Ed's yard and had been talking not even 3 mins and somehow he mentioned that he was a Broncos fan....and I said "oh really" and he said, "yeah, the Broncos are supposedly rivals with the Seahawks but we have never felt there was any competition". My first thought was, "did he really just say that"? then it was, " the nerve!!", then I thought," I think I might kill him", then I thought," I don’t have many options and, well nobody is perfect so this is one fault I can deal with". Grrrrrr......So that was the day it started. And actually, we fight a lot about football.
When we got there I was waiting inside the gate for Curt to get through security and I found myself some Seahawk fans!!! I think they had already had a little to drink so they were quite friendly and opinionated. Some how it came up that my husband was a Bronco fan and one of the guys yells at the top of his voice, “DIVORCE HIM!!!!!" I laughed and said that not everyone can be smart enough to be Seahawk fans or who would cheer for the other teams? He agreed with me but then when Curt finally walked over he kept saying to us, I pronounce you divorced!! The other guy kept telling me to tell Curt that I wear the pants in the family. It was fun to talk with then since there were few of us fans there.
As Curt and I were walking to our seats some guy started booing me because of my jersey.....I thought to myself, "now how fair is that?, there is one of me in the midst of thousands of Bronco fans, how could I counter that?" I would have to walk through the crowd booing everyone I walked past! How ridiculous would I look!?
I’m sure I made 30 friends that night. You just wanted to go up and hug everyone with a Seahawk jersey on. It felt like you knew each other. It was great!!! A little piece of home in Denver.
There were Seattle fans near me and a lot actually but none were in my row or around me so I was very alone in my cheers. Every time the Broncos did something great Curt got to high five about 10 people. When the Seahawks did something great I got to high five myself or give the thumbs up to another Seahawk fan 10 rows away and hope that he saw me. There was a 10 yr old kid right behind me who was so obnoxious!!! He kept screaming at Hasselbeck that he sucked and the whole team sucked and then when I would stand up and cheer he would tell me to sit down. His Dad was encouraging his obnoxiousness and I wanted to spank the Dad for raising such an obnoxious child! Don’t get me wrong, when our kids are cheering for their team they can cheer all they want, but they wont be allowed to make fun of the other team and put people down. It’s just annoying.
So there were moments in the game when Curt was ecstatic and then moments when I was ecstatic and we had such a fun time. We prayed that it would be a fun game, not just a blow out, and boy was it. We went numb after about 15 minutes. I think they said the low was like 11 degrees with the wind! Boy was it cold. Fortunately we had friends who had winter clothes that I could borrow. We froze and it was worth every minute!!!
Bill Thomas called Curt Sunday before the game and said that he had a dream that the Broncos won 34 to 10. Oh brother! Bill, Bill, Bill.... wishful dreaming. Maybe next season. Don’t let Curt or Bill talk to you about the game because their logic on why the Bronco's lost is that it was Jay Cutler's first game, the Seahawks got lucky etc, etc........Boo on that. The Seahawks are good...that is why they won. Just remember that.
After the game I called my parents. When my Mom answered the phone the first thing she said was, “I hope you are acting like a Christian." Good grief!!!!! I said, "Mother, of course I am!" She said, well when your Dad heard that the Seahawks won he said to me, “I hope Kelli is acting like a Christian." Oh brother....could Curt get any better in-laws??? They don’t even care that my team won they are just making sure that I am not gloating about it. Don’t they remember what Curt did the very first day he met me!!!!! :) Anyways....we love each other, we had a lot of fun...Curt is a good loser :) Go Hawks!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Seahawks 23, Broncos 20......

2 tickets to the game = $200
1 hot chocolate, 1 bratwurst = $11
Clothes to keep you warm during 15 degree weather = $100
Watching your team beat your husbands = PRICELESS!