Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh, Beautiful!!!!

Can you guess who this beautiful girl is????

I know, I know. I need to post about Africa. I have SO many pictures that I feel a little overwhelmed. I need to organize them into groups and then it will be easier to post.
So,, life, life. Its been going really well. We are still working for Curt's friends, sitting 3 feet from each other, but now we are in a bigger office so I'm not so claustrophobic. I do not recommend working with your husband, ever. And Curt would not recommend working with your wife, ever. You just don't have time to appreciate each other because you are together all of the time. But God is good and we are learning lots of good things about each other and how to communicate :)

I got to go see my family a few weekends ago. Julia turned 5 - (talk about making me feel old!!!) and Josslyn was dedicated. I didnt get to see Eliot and Owen because Jay and Lins couldnt make it. Such a bummer.....but my parents got to be there and it was just a nice refreshing time seeing the fam.

I've started running again. Thank God! I use to be so committed and then we moved to Colorado and I got out of my routine. I could run in my old neighborhood at 9 pm an feel safe; here I can run in the middle of the day and feel like I need to be careful. So we finally got a gym membership and I am feeling more like myself. I would like to run the Boulder Boulder this year but we will see how fit I am by the time it rolls around.

Im so thankful that spring is coming! Im so thankful for my little flower in the picture. The nice weather and sun is life giving. Im excited for the summer.

I hope everyone out there is doing well!! Thanks to everyone for keeping up on their blogs. I love to read them.


Skyler & Suzanne said...

Oh dear god what have you done!? I think I can see my tights line! I am the most beautiful flower and no one can tell me the different!

Kim & Jason said...

Oh my gosh I had no idea that was Suzanne!! How funny! Very fun to read all the updates on you and Kurt and I loved all the pictures from Uganda. The kids are so adorable. Keep the posts coming, its good to hear from you!

Chris and Laura said...

What a beautiful flower you are Suzanne!

Skyler & Suzanne said...

Thank you Laura!

Sweet Pea Potts said...

I sure wish that beautiful little flower would update that blog of hers and tell us on what is going on in her life!!! We miss her :)