Monday, September 18, 2006

Jana, Mom, Leslie and I


Rose said...

Kelli! It's great to hear from you. And it was really great to talk with you at Lei's baby shower.

So Denver, huh?? Are you lightheaded all the time??

You are so beautiful, as always. Stay in touch when you can, my x-roomie! :)

Jim and Tammie said...

I love all of the pictures - you look great!! I am glad you are enjoying Coloarado. Denever is a neat city. We enjoyed Colorado Springs while we were there. The city was great - the job wasn't so fun!!
It will be fun keeping up on you guy!!!

Cagle Clan said...

Yes, I totally remember you. :)
I am glad my post spoke to you, that's why I write. an adventure! I just heard Oprah say yesterday..."If you haven't seen Colorado then you haven't seen America."
So, I put that on my to-do list :). I mean Oprah said it afterall...jk.
I have always wanted to go there, I have driven across country a couple times and have somehow never been there.
Anyway, I look forward to following along with your blog and seeing what exciting things God has in store for you and your husband!!
Life with God is such an adventure, I love it! :)