Friday, March 23, 2007

Guess what!!??!!!

Our family is expanding!!!! We are adding to more too the brood this fall. Jana and Lindsay are expecting!!! Lins is having her baby around September 22nd and Jana is having hers around Nov 17th. Im SO excited!!!! More babies to love :) Hooray. Julia was telling me all about the baby in her Moms tummy. She said that they hope its either a boy or a girl. I asked "what if its neither?" She was confused. She asked Jana if the baby had toys to play with in her tummy? Kids are so cute! So that is our happy news for now. I swear, there is something in the Washington water! So many women I know are pregnant. Fun!!!


Sweet Pea Potts said...

Hey Kel, maybe you should come back to Washington and drink some of our water!!! I think it's time you guys added to the family as well!!! Are you just waiting for all the nieces and nephews to get old enough so you'll have plenty of babysitters around? It's your turn, you know! Congratualtions to all! What a fun time! It sounds like our family - two new babies in the fall.

Team Thomas said...

oh my gosh...I got so excited for a minute, my heart was jumping out of my chest...I thought it was you...but it will be soon enough!!!! Love you tons!

The Stockwells said...

I just may have to come back and drink so of that water :) LOL!! Maybe I could get someone to ship it down for me. Im still nervous about my children being huge nerds compared to the awesome personalities that Julia, Jace and Eliot have. We shall see.
Jenn! I would never tell you over if I was pregnant on the blog! You are too funny! Love you

Marisa & Jeff said...

Hey girl!
It was so good talking to you this week, we should do that more often.
So here I am back in blogland. I will have to update this week so you can see some pictures of my boy. Then maybe you'll put me on your friends list.
Love Ya!!!