Thursday, April 12, 2007

For Sale

Well, the time as come to sell our adorable home in Maple Valley. Our very first home that we ever owned, sniff, sniff. We just dont know how long we are going to be here and therefore need to let our home go to someone else who can love it a lot. We bought it 6 months after we got married and have so many great memories in it. I think every Sunday Jenn and Bill came over for veg day after church. We always seemed to make tacos or Papa Murphys pizza. Then we would make the boys go down to Safeway and buy brownies and icecream. Safeway was just down the hill and what a wonderful shopping area to have within walking distance. We always got to see Mt. Rainier as we drove out of our neighbor hood on a clear day. Curt and I walked a lot in the neighbor hood because it was such a great walk and a peaceful place. It was also a great place to run. When Jana and Justin and the kids lived with us we would take the kids to the awesome park we had. Jana and I would walk to Starbucks every Saturday morning to get our fix and some exercise. I feel teary as I type. We are really going to miss our house and the most awesome neighborhood in the world!


Sweet Pea Potts said...

How sad to be selling your first home. It sounds like you have so many memories that were made there. We felt like that with the sale of our first home too. It gets easier after that cause you learn not to get so attached! I am glad someone has been taking care of it so far while you have been gone. It stinks when they get trashed.

Max's Mama said...

I wish it was in Yuba City - we'd buy it! I'm visiting Maple Valley next month, it's weird that you're not there!