Friday, November 02, 2007

Trunk or Treat

So we had Bob the Builder, Raggady Any and a Pumpkin for this years costumes. Arent they stinking cute!!! Bob the Builder (Eliot) went out Trick or Treating with his friend Koda (Dakota) and she dressed up as a Lady Bug. They only went to a few peoples homes but Lindsay and Michelle (Dakota's Mom) would prompt them to say trick or treat but they would say,"thank you" instead. Isnt that cute!
Jules and Jace's church has what they call Trunk or Treat every year. People in the church decorate the trunks of their cars and put games and such in them. Then they park them in the parking lot and the kids go around playing games and getting candy. Jana said that they got there a little early so they just walked around waiting for it to start. Jace and Jules got a few peices of candy before they started Trunk or Treating and so Jana said they could eat some. Julia took out a small sucker and that is all she had but Jace ate M&M's, a Reeces pieces stick, a small hershey bar and skittles before Jana caught on to him! LOL!! He takes after me.... I just love candy and have no self control!
Jules thought it was hilarious that she got to be a boy like her Dad and Brother for the night. Oh, kids! You gotta love them.


Max's Mama said...

So cute! I need to post my pictures of Max as Curious George - so fun! I'm going to Cabo in 2 days - yahoooooo! love you!