Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ok, so I have a little bit of a problem. Our social calendar is full from here until Tuesday night and I am not done packing. We honestly have every inch of our life scheduled out so that we can see everyone before we go, even lunch time.
So this has been my plan all week and will be until we pack the truck......I leave work, go hang out with my friends, come home, pack at least four boxes and then jump into bed around 1am, get up the next morning and do it all over again. I think it should work just fine.
One thing that is challenging about packing this time is I have to seperate what I want to take to my parents and what I want to go to storage. You see we will be living with my parents until we find a house, which goodness knows when that will happen. I have the perfect house in mind and wont buy it until I love it :)
I have so many pictures to post of fun things that we have been doing but I just have not gotten a chance to steal computer time from Curt. He has been crazy, and I mean crazy busy with building websites and all our pictures are on the computer that he works on. Poor guy comes home from work, works on the computer till about 11pm and then crashes into bed. He is awesome! Im sure its making him a little nutty.....
So I usually prefer posts with pictures but I dont have any right now.
I may have a mental breakdown in the next 3 weeks. Here is our schedule, hang with friends from today until Tuesday night, finish work on the 20th, pack the truck on the 21st, drive out of town early the 22nd, get into Spokane sometime on the 23rd, settle in, Monday the 26th sister and 3 kids come from Seattle to visit, Thursday the 29th drive to Seattle and fly out for New York at 11pm, get into New York at 7:30 and start our vacation with Sky and Suz.
Whoooo, I am tired just thinking about it. But it will be fun!


Sweet Pea Potts said...

Oh my...I may have a mental break down for you :0) Sounds really busy and hectic, but I know you'll get through it. You're a professional mover so you'll do just fine :) Maybe when you see Suz in New York you could twist her arm into updating her blog! Good luck with all your good-byes and the move. I can't wait to see pics of your trip!!!

Chris and Laura said...

You are a busy lady!!!! I'll be praying for a safe drive and some extra energy over the next few days! Have a wonderful time on the east coast and tell Miss Suzanne hello and as Lisa requested, we would love an update from her!!!!!!!!!!!

Teresa said...

i will miss you tons. sorry i missed your going away party. please come and visit!