Friday, September 29, 2006

Memo Board

I really wanted a memo board to hang in our kitchen but I couldnt find the perfect one, so I built it! Actually I had the idea and then Curt took over and finnished it. I guess he thought I wasnt doing a good enough we built it together :) It turned out perfectly!


We are done!!...well basically done. There are a few odds and ends that we need to finnish but for the most part we are done. I need some decorations behind the couch and a curtain for the sliding glass door, I think I need a rug under the dining room table but I think basically it looks good. There are no pictures of our bedroom because we are building a headboard but when its all done I will post some of those. Curts parents are in some of the pictures...they came all the way from Rockford, Illinos to help us and what a HUGE help they were. They stayed for about a week and we had a great time with them. All in all it was done in about 3 weeks maybe less and boy did Curt and I learn a lot about each other. It sure brings out personality traits that you dont know you have :) And challenges your patience...but we had a lot of fun doing it and are really glad to be living in a house that is not trashed and full of tools and the smell of paint.

And More...bathroom

More Final product...The kitchen

Final Product...finally!!!

in the process...

In the process.....

More condo before...

Condo Before

Monday, September 18, 2006

Jana, Mom, Leslie and I

Leslie and Eliot! Isnt he so cute!!!

Jace and I..isnt he sweet!


Julia and her dog Brinksey

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I admit it......

I love reading is sooo wonderful to keep up on peoples lives! After bugging Marisa and Melody to update more their blogs more than once every 4 to 8 months they challenged me to start my own. I dont have kids, nor do I have dogs so I really dont have anything to talk about but I thought that maybe if I set a good example in blogging they would follow :) You see, Curt and I just moved to Denver, Colorado from Maple Valley, Washington and so really one of the only ways that I can keep up on everyone is through blogging!! So, updating on my life. Curt and I have been in beautiful Denver for almost a month. We have been renovating his condo, he owned it before we got married, for the last few weeks. Its looking great! We are almost finnished and then I will post pictures of it. I will be so glad when I can see more of Denver than just inside the condo and Home Depot.
Im really excited about being here. I feel that the Lord has great things in store for us. Our purpose in moving here was for Curt to go back to school and for an adventure. He sacrificed so much to move to Seattle to marry me that I thought it would be fun to be around his life and friends for a while. Its diffrent out here :) I have never lived so land locked before.....I want to drive to the ocean just because I cant now :) I think I may die without seeing my neice and nephews for months on end but I know the sacrifice will be worth it. So, tata for now :) Im excited to see everyone update their bogs....Melody and Marisa.....and Ameilia, we want to see pictures of Adam before hes 2 months old :)