Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm a year closer to 30. At least I'm not Lisa who will be 30 in 10 days - LOL! My darling husband woke up early, went and got me Starbucks and then took me to " The Original Pancake House", which serves the best breakfast in the world. I had the crepe's with fresh strawberries. Yum! Then tonight we went and had sushi with our friends Paul and Lori Trani. Curt bought my favorite cake from Whole Foods. Its called the Chantilly Berry Cake and oh my goodness! If you get a chance, go to Whole Foods in Bellevue and try it. They sell it in individual pieces. The picture of the cake is at a funny angle because we had eaten the other half :) But it is a beautiful cake.
So I had a really nice day :) Bill and Jenn sang me the most energetic version of the Red Robin happy birthday song. It was invigorating! All my family and Curts family called to wish me a happy birthday. I am blessed.


Sweet Pea Potts said...

Happy Birthday Kel! What a beautiful cake! And those pancakes...oh my word. To die for! I don't think we have those here, do we? Just nasty IHOP and Denny's. Yuck. Maybe you should ship me some for my birthday. Yes, I'll be 30 in just 9 days now. Who knew I would ever become so old and wise :) Those are great pictures of the two of you and I hope you had a wonderfully fun day!

Kim & Jason said...

Hey Girl!

Happy Birthday! I found your blog through Suzanne's and thought I'd drop you a line to say hey and Happy Birthday. That cake looks to die for. I wonder if they have a Whole Foods in Nashville....Hmmmm.

Hope your doing well!

Team Thomas said...

How fun... I am glad you had a good day! We love you so so so so much and it was sad not getting to be with you...but we'll have plenty more birthdays to be together...right!

Max's Mama said...

Crap! I got it a week late! I was going to call you today...sorry, I'll still call you...but happy Late Birthday! sorry, love you and cannooooot wait to see you next week!!!! xoxox Lei

Chris and Laura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Those crepe's look soooooooooo tasty and next time your in town you and Curt have to come to Sushi Town in Bonney Lake. We eat there atleast once a week, it's amazing. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!