Friday, May 25, 2007

So many excuses....

I just thought I should post a quick note so that people would have something new to read if and when they visit my blog. Nothing more discouraging than to go to a blog for a month and not see anything new. I am in Washington right a this moment. I am in Spokane visiting my parents and tomorrow Jana, the kids and I drive back to Seattle. I have to do a few things on our house that we are selling in Maple Valley before I am able to go back to Colorado. Its a little bitter sweet. I am having to stay a bit longer than I anticipated which is "yay" for me to spend more time with family and friends, but also sad for me because I will have to be away from my husband longer. The last time we were away for this long was 2 months after we got married and He went to Africa for 2 weeks. Talk about the stupidest decision that we ever made. Newlyweds should never be away from each other for that long.
Anyways, I am trying to make sure I see everyone before I go back to the "land of thin air". When I am home I will post the millions of pictures that I took of all the kids and tell you all the great stories that I have :)


Max's Mama said...

Yeah - you're still there! are you gonna be there on Thursday?!? I fly in at like 11 a.m. - I want to see you! By the way, I hope you checked my makeup site - your pics are there; and you're on my other site, too! Love you love you