Monday, July 16, 2007

Dinner and the Farmers Market

Saturday night we went to this really great steak house called Robert's Steak House. Creative isnt it? But the atomsphere and the food were fabulous.
Sunday dawned early. We went to this Irish Crepe house for breakfast. I didnt realize that Irish meant it was a bunch of dirty men making manly crepes, if there is such a thing. I think there was maybe 1 crepe on the menu that had anything to do with fruit and it certainly was not fresh, it was canned strawberries. Totally disturbing to me. When I think crepes I think dainty and yummie. Not so stuffed with meat and other things that they are almost unrecognizeable. And there happened to be a Lacross tournament going on that weekend so we had about 15 young guys that crawled out of bed and into their dirty clothes, stuffed into this tiny restaraunt trying to get breakfast. Did not fit my idea of a romantic breakfast.
They had the farmers market going on that weekend also. That was a lot of fun! Great food and fun things to look at. We bought homemade chips, dessert cookies, fresh lemonade, BBQ sandwhich, Gyro and Starbucks! I think Starbucks was the best thing we found :) Just kidding. Actually, we I go to certain Starbucks down here I want to be a little snooty. They just dont get the importance of what they are serving sometimes. And the Yahoo's that they had working on Saturday certainly didnt know what they were doing. Curt had to go back and get our drinks fixed and I think he was about ready to crawl behind the counter and make the drinks himself. All I have to say is if you are going to work in coffee, know the language. If you dont, ask for help. Ok, Im done. Off my soap box.
We had such a fabulous time. Anniversaries are such a great time to celebrate life and love and all the many reasons that you got married in the first place.


Chris and Laura said...

A bunch of smelly boys eating crepes is all wrong as far as I'm concerned, they should have gone to Denny's! I'm glad you were able to get away and celebrate your anniversary. The little town you are in looks so cute, Vail also looks beautiful. Are there a lot of great restaurants where you live?

The Stockwells said...

I agree....Dennys makes much more sense :)There are great restaraunt here as far as Im concerned, maybe others wouldnt agree with me. We are finding more and more the longer we live here. My favorite thing is to go up to the mountains and find new restaraunts. Its fun :)

Kim & Jason said...

Hey Kel!

I stop by every now and then and check to see how y'all are doing in Colorado ;-) Congratulations on your anniversary!

Kim Keith

Sweet Pea Potts said...

What a beautiful area! That looks like a really fun anniversary trip and that lemonade looks delicious!

Mom and Dad said...

Curt and Kelli

Your blog rocks but I am spamming yours so you can come to mine and see my new daughter. oh and add me to your friends list!!!

Ben and Galadriel

Max's Mama said...

okay, now all those food pics and where have you gone? It's August. post some more!!! I should talk I know.