Friday, August 03, 2007


So Leilani got on my case about my lack of new posts so I thought I would post before I go on vacation today!!! Curt and I are driving, yes driving, up to Cannon Beach, OR for our annual family vacation. This will be our 30th year at the beach! Can you believe it? I have been there every year since I was 4 months old.
We love driving and are so excited about taking a road trip! Im even more excited about seeing the kids!
I wont be posting for the next week or so but I will have lots of pictures to post when I get back.


Sweet Pea Potts said...

I love it that your family has had that tradition for so many years and you all still keep it now that you're married! I hope you have so much fun!

Max's Mama said...

wow, and i hassled you, and then abandoned mine for a month! and now look at you! amazing! i love all the pictures!!! your nephews could be twins! and i can't believe your expecting 2 more additions! how exciting!!!! when are they due?!? I love you and miss you! I posted just for you, even though i didn't have any new pictures! soon, though, promise!