Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our favorite Jenn and Bill....

They arent our favorite friends because we have been blessed with a lot of friends, so we will call them our favorite Jenn and Bill. God knew what he was doing when Jenn and Bill, Curt and I got engaged within a week of each other and then got married within a week of each other. Every newly married couple needs married friends to spend time with and we were so blessed to find Jenn and Bill. Curt was from Colorado and Bill was from Oregon but for some reason they are both Bronco fans!! ( God knows why? Everyone knows that Seahawks rule, but that is another post at another time) And they are 6'5 and 6'3 the Lord knew that large men need large friends...right? Of course Jenn and I were already friends but not as well as we are now. I think for the last 2 years we have probably spent 4 nights out of 7 together. We went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon for our first year anniversary and we had a baby last January!!! Actually Jenn and Bill had a baby....but we have done everything together so far so we just call Bella ours too....they didnt consult us on the timing of having children, we were planning on having our kids a week apart just like everything else we have done but they didnt give us enough time to plan so they have to share Bella :) We miss them terribly....But we will see them in December for the Bronco vs. Seahawks game!!! Go Seahawks!!!!!
The picture was taken on our road trip a year ago...Bella was with us but she was in Jenn's tummy :)