Sunday, October 08, 2006

Three in one...

I cant find any pictures of Kiane and or Autumn and I so I will do them together. Autumn was my partner in crime when I first moved to Maple Valley. We lived in the Ranch house in Issaquah together and made a lot of great memories. One of them being talking with our friend Lloyd in the Red Robin parking lot until 4 in the morning with all of us having to be at work at 8am. Things you do when your younger and dumb :) Autumn and I went on great trips to the Bahamas and Florida, worked in youth group and went to summer camps. Dreamed about life and our future hubbys :) I was just so blessed to have her in my life for those few years. Then Kiane joined the fun at the ranch house!!! She joined Autumn and I at summer camp for the youth group and we just all became great friends. Kiane is one of the most wonderful people anyone will ever meent in their life. Genuine to the bone and keeps it real. What you see is what you get for sure :) I love you Kiane and Autumn. You both have been a huge, wonderful part of my life.
Of course I didnt forget Rose!!! Rose was my roomy when Suzanne moved to California for 6 months. Poor Rose! She moved in right around the time that I met Curt and since I had been waiting for Curt my whole life, I had to talk about him all the time. Then Curt went to Africa for 5 months and so Rose had to endure my sadness and then anger and then sadness!! LOL!! What an angel. We had fun times together and it was a great time in my life so I will never forget her! Rose you are wonderful!


Jim and Tammie said...

What a great idea!! You are sweet!!! I know it can be hard being away but at the same time it is neat to explore another world. Through every experience you will become more and more well rounded.(well, too bad thats been literal for me - ha! ha!.

I have a best friend in California that I would have never had if it wasn't for moving there. Her name is Erin and she is the biggest blessing to me. I know if it had not been for us moving I would have missed out on her.I also have one great friend from Colorado Springs that I stay close to too. She just came this summer for a few weeks and we keep up on the phone.

I pray you find dear friends that you have for the rest of your life. Maybe one or two that will always stay close to you regardless of where you are.

Rose said...

Kelli! LOL. I am cracking up LOUD right now.

First of all, I loved the comment you made on my blog the other day - I think it's the longest one I've ever gotten. I remember liking your handwriting too. And LeiLani's! :) And that is so random that Jana knows of me, and just how small of a world it is! I'm still working for Tom. Sooo funny.

Then I just now came to visit your blog, and saw that picture of us 3 girls at your wedding. What a fun picture! I adore those girls. I ran into Kiane at my church a few months ago - it was so great to talk with her again. That pic of me cracks me up...uhhh... i'm pretty perky. What was going on there????

And honestly, you were great when we lived together!! You are one of the best listeners I know, and sooo funny. I loved laughing with you. I definately had my boy stuff going on too, remember?? I'm glad all that has passed, and you're married now, and I'm not with the wrong guy. Err.. I'm not with ANY guy, but better that it's not with the wrong one. ;)

You are amazing! I miss our times.

Also, I love love love your house! It's so you, so funky, and timeless at the same time. I hope you two are doing well!

Your friend,


The Stockwells said...

Tammie! You are hilarious!!! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I am really grateful because Curt has a lot of quality friends here and they have been getting married over these past few years and I like their wives. Great friendships take time but I think that I will make some great friends here too :) But then, if I leave here someday I will have to leave them!!! At least we have eternity to spend time with everyone that we love :) You are great and I really appreciate all your encouragement. I hope all is well with you guys and that you are getting settled in you new house!

Rose said...

p.s. What church does Jana go to?

The Stockwells said...

Rose! You are so great! Im glad that you enjoyed living with me. We did have crazy boy problems during that time didnt we!!!! Good grief...we probably could have written our own soap opera. Dont you wonder what soap opera means? Why didnt they call it detergent opera...Anyways. I love LeiLanis hanwrtiting too! That is so crazy...and I almost said something about it in my post..LOL!!!! My sister goes to Malby Christian Assembly. Its off of hwy 522. Hope you are doing well! Where did you move to???