Monday, October 09, 2006


So everyone knows that I stole this picture from Lisas blog.....I searched and searched my pictures and I could not find on of them that was digital! They are all paper pictures. So anyways, Lisa and Laura what can you say about the Moran sisters :) I met them both through MC, see that MC is popping up again. If you want great friends, go through MC, well actually you would have to have done my MC class because that is where most of the cool people were :) Sorry...anywas Lis was a student and Laura was our intern. Lis, Suz, Tom and I were good friends then Lis and Tom ended up getting married! I was so honored to be a part of Lisa and Lauras double many people can say they were a part of a double wedding!! Not many.....but I was. Sad to say that a life gets busy and I dont get to see them as much as I want but love them none the less. Thomas help Curt and I find our first house that we bought which happened to be right across the street from them. Then they decided living at the bottom of the hill with the commoner's wasnt good enough so they built an amazing house at the top of the hill!!! We missed them as neighbors so we just moved to Denver. They had beautiful Berkeley last of the most adorable girls I have ever seen in my life. And a sassy personality just like her mom. Laura lives in Bonney Lake and I dont get to see her much but I will always remember what a wonderful intern she was, so encouraging and uplifting. Taught us to dance like nothing else, actually I cant dance so she wasnt able to teach me a thing but everyone else looked great! J-lo has nothing on her! LOL! If anyone wants a hair cut from heaven, go to Laura. We had the best fondue parties over the years, great Christmas partys and a lot of fun being together. Until you have spent time with Lis and she breaks out into her crazy Lisa self, you have no idea how funny she is. I will never forget driving around in her Subaru singing Celine at the top of our lungs or driving fast and listening to Top Gun! I know we dont get to see each other as much as we use to but I love both of you and have lots of wonderful memories to cherish forever.


Cagle Clan said...

I can say I've been in a double wedding!! :)

So you have heard Lisa too :). Not sure if she has forgiven me and Laura for that though. :)
By the are funny girl!
Seeing all your pics is kind of a window into ALL I missed out on after I left GHCC.
My picture would surely be up here with great stories to go with it! :)
I could you send you one and you could make up a bunch of stuff???

The Stockwells said...

I know! isnt that so great...we have done something that probably onlyl 5 other people in the world have done. Send me a picture!!I could make up some great and fun stories about you!!! :)

Sweet Pea Potts said...

Oh Kel - I miss our crazy times! Why do we have to get older and why does life have to get so busy? And why on earth didn't you just move to the top of the hill instead of moving all the way to Denver? Just kidding...I know you needed a new adventure and I'm glad you're spicing things up a bit. I miss our fondue parties too. If I do a Christmas party this year it definitely won't be the same without you. Who will dance on the tables? :) Maybe Laura will. You're right, J Lo has nothin on her!!! She can shake it like a Polaroid picture :) I have loved reading your blog-it brings back so many lovely memories. It kind of makes me all weepy and misty. Oh, and you're so right...all the cool people were in our MC class :) Ok, I need to go grab some tissue. Love you!

Chris and Laura said...

Oh, so many memories! I am so thankful MC brought you from Idaho to Maple Valley, and one day Colorado will return you back home! My intern year was an extremely difficult one for me so all the laughter you guys brought helped me out a lot! Baby I know you can dance, so don't even pretend you can't. You've got some soul for a white girl!!!!

The Stockwells said...

I miss them too!! I wish time could stand still sometimes....I wish I was a millionaire and could have moved to the top of the hill!! LOL!! I think with the company we worked for going belly up it just took the wind out of our sails and we needed a change for a bit. Just enough to get new vigor about life, love and the pursuit of happiness....then when we feel full of vision and on a new path we will come back and buy the house right next to you, have a few kids and we can be soccer moms together!! LOL!! I miss you, I miss our crazy times together. Someday we will drive at high speeds with the wind blowing through our hair, singing Celine at the top of our lungs....we may be old, gray and not have much hair left but we will do it. Love you!

The Stockwells said...

I know your intern year was tough but I know that there are a few students who could never have made it through that year without your love and encouragement, me being one of them. You were a blessing and still are! One thing I can say about my dancing....I make everyone else feel great about their own dancing!! LOL!